Procurement management & organization

Is your organization primed for success?

Effective project and change management is key for improving performance, increasing savings, and speeding up decision-making. Our procurement management services are designed to identify the optimal organizational structure for your operations, taking your procurement to the next level.

Selected Cases: Procurement management & organization

Gustaf Leijonmarck joins Three P

What are the hidden savings for companies, how can a better buyer-seller relationship improve the bottom line, and why should you turn to Three P to bring added value to your procurement organization?

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Be a driving force for change management

Conduction of change management is often a challenging task for organizations. Procurement is not an exception. With proven concepts Three P has utilized its leading competence to help numerous clients create success stories. We can help you to become the next example of successful change management implementation

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Global sourcing processes

To achieve the true benefits of being a global enterprise, organizations must align their terminology, focus and apply common coordination. Our specialists at Three P have helped numerous clients develop their sourcing processes and reach the full effects of global presence.

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Lecture: Category & Change Management

Three P conducted an education within procurement, category and change management. The purpose was to provide new knowledge and insights. The lecturing material was based on scientifically proven theory, practical experience and activity-based exercises. Going forward the education ensures that the client applies correct processes and reaches a new level of excellence for their category management.

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Procurement education within category and change management

“How do you interpret the meaning of strategic sourcing?”. That question was asked by Three P when we conducted an education within category and change management. The client was Svevia and particularly their procurement organization. The education consisted of two intensive days with both theoretical and practical content.

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How can procurement add value to your organization?

Application of new insights and ground-breaking mindsets can create significant values If utilized correctly. Putting your procurement organization in the centre of the strategic planning is fundamental for creating constellations of value chains. It adds numerous benefits in comparison to their traditional counterparts as all stakeholders can connect with a holistic and dynamic approach.

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Involvering är inte samma som förankring

Det är en stor skillnad på att involvera kontra att förankra. Utöver sannolikheten att lyckas är markant bättre om förändringar görs genom involvering, istället för förankring, så påverkar det också tiden att genomföra förändringen och medarbetarens uppskattning av den.

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