Procurement As A Service

Need a procurement expert with broad industry or specific sector expertise?

Whether it’s helping your businesses to succeed through developing more efficient processes, enhancing category management, performing audits, or carrying out end-to-end assignments, we always deliver industry leading results.

Selected Cases: Procurement as a service

How far have you come on your sustainable procurement journey?

It can be challenging for companies at the start or early stages of their sustainable journey. Difficult questions need to be asked and answered, but the results often drive-value as well as protect the planet.

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Client Reference: Scania

Our experts at Three P has hepled Scania increase their efficency and add value by helping them outsource their operative sourcing functions. Read more about their succes story.

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Increase procurement efficiency with correct agreement templates

Organizations that want to ensure quality from their procurement must acknowledge the importance of correct agreement templates as a prerequisite.  How do your organization ensure that they utilize the correct templates for their procurements and when did you conduct the last review?

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IT Governance

A prerequisite for building sustainable relationships with IT-suppliers is an realistic application of IT governance. At Three P we have used our expertise to advise our clients and help them achieve robust partnerships. Here we provide a brief overview of some of the pitfalls that organizations should avoid.

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Procurement: Transportations

Our client Dava Foods had an urgent need for renegotiation their current transportation agreements. Three P applied our procurement expertise to help Dava Foods reach complete agreements for their egg distribution. We managed to achieve outstanding results within 10 weeks. Hear our client tell their success story.

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The continuous evolvement of procurement

How professionals interpret the meaning of procurement has radically changed over the past year. The importance of sourcing strategies has become an increasing concern for executives as procurement has evolved past purchasing and cost effectiveness. Have your organization started its transformation journey and are you utilizing the wide array of enhancement tools?

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Four steps to successful procurement recruitment

Is your procurement recruitment taking months and delivering less than impressive results? You’re not alone. But all is not lost. Here are a few tips to help you kickstart your recruitment process.

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