Are you taking full advantage of digital procurement?

We specialize in defining and integrating digital solutions into procurement processes to deliver outstanding results. With a focus on enhancing your operations, we ensure every digital step you take brings added, long-term value to your organization.

Selected Cases: Digitalization

Leveraging Data: Enhancing Value in Large-Scale Procurement

How can you leverage data effectively and harness its full potential? Find out more about the four key areas and how we can help you.

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What does Chat GPT mean for the procurement industry?

We conducted a mini-study to test ChatGPT's capabilities and conducted a poll on LinkedIn to find out if AI is being used by procurement experts. Here are our findings.

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Source-To-Pay (S2P), the definitive digitalization of your procurement

Digitalization is currently the strongest ongoing trend. What should organizations consider and where should they direct their investments? Our consultants have conducted numerous projects that helped our clients implement Source-To-Pay solutions. At Three P we see advantages with S2P which makes it relevant for organizations to evaluate the investment.

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How digital solutions help you gain control of your contracts

Three P has developed contract management tools on the SharePoint platform that helps our clients gain a clear overview of their agreements. The solution add value to our clients by giving them correct timeframes for renegotiation, renewal or cancelation.

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Start your digital transformation journey with spend analysis

Digital transformationis widely considered among organizational decision makers. At the Three P we generally advise organizations still deciding on where to start their transformation journey to begin with spend analysis module.

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How a SRM system add value to your procurement organization

Organizations often face challenges with their internal processes. Common errors include insufficient information transfer between employees which especially becomes a problem when legal documents and correspondence is non-correctly archived. This creates issues when legal discussions are conducted. Three P advocates for implementation of a SRM system as solution.

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Digital procurement today

It is said that digitalization can bring many benefits to organizations such as streamlined processes, standardized ways of working, and accessible overviews. Procurement is no exception to this, and there are several digital procurement tools that companies can use. Three P has done it's own reasearch on the adapation of digital tools within procurement organizations.

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