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We empower procurement teams and organizations to embrace digitalization and challenge traditional processes to streamline operations and gain a competitive advantage.

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Our offerings

We are procurement specialists helping you with

Procurement Diagnostics

Turn good procurement into great procurement.  Three P procurement diagnostics  uses the latest digital tools to analyze and visualize your potential for excellence.

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Procurement management & organization

Organizations are defined by their processes, ways of working and people. We help you  tweak or transform your procurement organization to reduce cost and boost performance.

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Procurement as a service

Streamline processes, develop new more sustainable sourcing strategies, conduct an audit. Whatever your requirements, our consultants are here to help  you with your case-by-case procurement needs.

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Procurement Digitalization

No matter how far you've got on your transformation journey, our experts can help you identify and implement the right digital tools to create value across the entire procurement process.

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Outsourcing & Insourcing

Outsourcing and insourcing specific procurement functions can deliver considerable wins if you get it right. We provide the expertise, network, and experience, to make sure you succeed.  

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In focus

Balancing Cost Containment and Value Optimization in Procurement

In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations must strike a balance between cost reduction and value optimization in their procurement strategy. But how do you get started?

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Meet Procurement Consultant Kira Mielonen

From Forensic scientist to Procurement Consultant, we meet Three P’s Kira Mielonen and find out what took her from working in a morgue to supporting procurement organizations at leading global enterprises.

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Gustaf Leijonmarck joins Three P

What are the hidden savings for companies, how can a better buyer-seller relationship improve the bottom line, and why should you turn to Three P to bring added value to your procurement organization?

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