Our value offers

Excellence in every area of procurement

How far have you progressed?


What can your organization do to achieve better value from your procurement? Our experts at Three P perform diagnostics to help you identify and visualize your potential for improvement.

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how will you succed?

Procurement Management & Organization

Do you need to improve the governance of structure capital, processes and workflows? Three P consultants provide top-tier procurement management consulting services that directs your organization towards faster decisions, better performance and increased savings

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Do you want to achieve quick results?

Procurement as a Service

Three P can help your organization succeed in every area of your procurement. Our leading competence have helped our clients excel through development of efficient processes, managing of sourcing cases and audits.

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Are your processes updated?


Take advantage of the latest digital tools to improve your overall procurement process. We help your organization implement the systems to achieve increased efficiency and value.

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are you correctly focused?

Outsourcing and Insourcing

Do your organization sees the benefits of outsourcing various parts or functions of your procurement? Three P can use our knowledge to help you succeed. Our procurement experts have the experience, competence and processer achieve results yielding increased efficiency and value.

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