What is Three P?

Three P stands for Professional Procurement Partner. It summarizes how we are, what we do and how we act together with our customers. We are a company that develops traditional procurement organizations to becoming world class and therby improving both result, output and perspective of procurement.

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Why work with us?

Three P has proven track record of success with several multinational companies. We recruit and work will skilled professionals with documented track record and the constant ambition of improving output. Our core business is procurement and we cover all aspects and needs within this profession independently if it is a management question, project delivery or interim solution.

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What do we offer?

Three P offer solutions to your needs. We work within 5 main areas; Diagnostics, Organization and procurement management, Purchasing as a service, Insourcing and outsourcing and Digitalization.

Within these areas we drive change and put forward pragmatic solutions which give real value and stakes out the path for professional Procurement in practice and theory.

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In depth Knowledge

Three P has work within all industries. We have work with the uniqueness of your industry, and can utilize that, to give viable solutions that work in practice. We work with the development of everything from efficiency to digitalization to competence. If you have a question or concern, we can most likely help you. Give us a call and see.

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